Urban Fitness Calisthenics

During the nineteenth century, urban fitness also known as Calisthenics was still alive and well known. In fact, if the classical days of ancient Greece were the first Golden Age of physical culture, there can be no doubt that the late nineteenth century represented the second great Golden Age.

Calisthenics In Our Modern Times

In the 1920 and 1930 most of the strongest athletes of the world used mainly Calisthenics to achieve their maximum strength. They would first learn to have full control of their bodies to become masters of their strength. The sport of “Gymnastics” as we know it today was also created during those times.

After the 1960’s, the ancient arts of calisthenics training began to fade away. Following the Industrial Revolution, human life began to become increasingly dominated by technology. This also happened in the field of fitness as anywhere else. The 20 century saw an explosion in new forms of training technology, and our approach to exercise changed forever.

When the barbells, machines and the gym began take over, all of the ancient knowledge was dismissed and classified as primitive. Today, body weight strength training has been almost totally replaced by weight-training with machines, barbells and dumbbells.

Urban Fitness

Many decades later, urban fitness reemerged with the ancient Greek name Calisthenics.  This fitness workout has finally began to slowly rise up again. More people are discovering this ancient training technique and are amazed but its results in so little time. Calisthenics has been known by many names throughout our history; Urban fitness, street workout and others.

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