How to train Calisthenics

Calisthenics: A Forgotten Training Technique

Calisthenics has been around before weight training or gyms existed. Civilizations used this ancient training technique 2000 years ago to build strong and powerful soldiers to protect their empires. In the last 50 years, Calisthenics has become almost extinct due to the false believe that gym machines can replace the necessary natural exercises that our bodies required to develop our full strength and potential.

The downfall and rise of the Calisthenics Empire

The propaganda of fitness gyms make you believe that the only way to stay in shape is by doing boring exercises. These false advertisements have been killing Calisthenics for decades, even at the point of extinction.

The ancient Greek and Roman empire used Calisthenics to train their soldiers and reach their full strength potential. During those times, no one questioned the efficiency of this training technique. The results were so impressive that this training technique was passed from the Greeks to the Romans.


Calisthenics began to fade away in the middle of the 1960 when the industrial revolution started to kick in. Machines, gyms and dumbbells slowly started to take over. In our modern society, most people have no idea how to train calisthenics since there’s very little information about this style of training. Even the word Calisthenics is so rarely heard that most people have trouble spelling it. In the 90’s Calisthenics became part of the ancient forgotten knowledge. Calisthenics has become a secondary option to training but it has not always been like this.

In the last 10 years, thanks to the rise of the internet; information and knowledge about this style of working out began to reemerge. The training and development of this style of fitness started recently. More people are starting to rediscover the incredible power of body weight training. The popularity of Calisthenics has been rising, many athletes in martial arts have been using this technique to improve their strength in fighting. If our predictions are correct, Calisthenics ( also known as street workout) will take back its throne and become the primary form of training like it always used to be. When you start training and developing new Calisthenics exercises, you will begin to notice drastic changes in your body such as; impressive musculature, explosive power and reflexes.

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