Tired of lifting weights?

Are you getting tired of repetitive routine exercises at the gym? or are you losing interest and motivation in working out? Don’t worry, this is completely normal and it happens even to the best athletes. For me, it happened after 5 years of weightlifting. It was only until I started training Calisthenics that I realized that I was fed up of dumbells and machines. Of course, lifting weights is a great way to build muscle and burn fat but there are also other alternatives which can get you bigger, stronger and leaner. One of those alternatives is Calisthenics.

We are all different, and what works for someone, might not work for others. In my case, I hit a plateau after working out with weights for a very long time. I was stuck at the same weight (180 lbs) but my body wasn’t leaner or more defined. It was only until I tried Calisthenics and when I took it seriously, that I witnessed incredible results in my body. Those results were noticeable after only 3 months. I became more agile, quicker and flexible. On top of that, my coordination and reflexes improved drastically. For the first time in my entire life, I finally had my six-pack thanks to Calisthenics.

Street workouts are not meant to replace weight lifting, on the contrary, they both mix very well together. Use Calisthenics to get a full upper body workout. Then use weight lifting exercises to train your legs and other muscles that you wish to improve.

If you are not sure if Calisthenics is the right fitness technique for you, try it twice a week with your regular fitness routine. Do it for a few months, and then examine the results. I can almost guarantee you, if done correctly and constantly, you will be impressed. Being consistent is the key to achieve any goal you wish to achieve. If you are more consistent than anybody else around you, you will win any race that you run.

So give yourself the 45 minutes challenge to do basic calisthenics exercises twice a week during 4 months. Then, let us know about your results. Remember, if you never try, then you’ll never know! You might be surprised at the results that a person can achieve by simply training with their own body weight and having a healthy diet.

So if you are tired of lifting weights or you feel like quitting working out, Calisthenics might be the answer you were looking for. Everyone is different and everyone has different techniques to stay fit. There are so many options out there to stay in shape and healthy but our society has imposed the wrong belief that you can only gain muscle and burn fat by doing regular gym exercises. That is the reason why so many new fitness techniques are re-emerging such as; gymnastics, CrossFit, functionals, Yoga and body weight training.

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