• success calisthenics empire fitness Tired of lifting weights?

    Are you getting tired of repetitive routine exercises at the gym? or are you losing interest and motivation in working out? Don’t worry, this is completely normal and it happens even to the best athletes. For me, it happened after 5 years of weightlifting. It was only until I started training Calisthenics that I realized that […]

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  • calisthenics workshop Montreal street workout Free Calisthenics Workshop Montreal, Canada

    Are you interested in learning how to train Calisthenics? Come join the Calisthenics Empire's FREE workshop in Montreal, Canada. In this FREE workshop, you will have the unique opportunity to learn the main core exercises of Calisthenics. We will take you through a circuit in which you'll learn how to build muscle, get lean and [...] Continue Reading
  • Calisthenics for girls, Training Fitness Workout Routine Anytime Fitness Women Calisthenics For Girls

    Can A Women Train Calisthenics? Calisthenics training just might be the answer you’ve been looking to stay fit and healthy. Calisthenics, also known as body weight training, is a good way to improve your strength, burn fat and tone up for the summer. This fitness technique is a great sport for anyone, even women who […]

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