How To Stay Fit While Traveling

If you are planning a backpacking trip around Europe, a road trip to the grand canyon, visiting the famous city of Medellin in Colombia or going to Thailand, you might be wondering; how can I stay in shape or have time to workout while visiting so many places? how much would it cost to go to the gym while traveling?

Best Workouts For Traveling

The best way to stay in shape while you are on vacations its by doing Calisthenics (also known as street workout). Most big cities have at least one Calisthenics park. Working out with Calisthenics has many great advantages. Here are 6 reason why you should train calisthenics while traveling:

1- These parks don’t have closing hours so you can workout at anytime. You can train at night right before going out to the beach party or in the morning before going to explore castles and markets.

2- It’s fun to go explore these fitness parks in a city you are visiting. It gives you time to explore less touristic places and connect more with the locals who also train Calisthenics.

3- Another advantage of training Calisthenics is that these parks are completely free. You don’t have to spend your money on 1 day passes to gyms. The prices for 1 day visit to a gym can cost between 8$-25$. That can easily add up to hundreds of dollars.

4- Calisthenics really works, you can get extremely ripped and achieve incredible strength.

5- When you are travelling, most of the time you are half naked. When you workout before your day stars, you will look and feel more confident.

6- All of these parks are outdoors which give you a better training experience. When you workout outside instead of an indoors gym, you breath more clean oxygen which helps your muscles to grow.

To keep gains and growing you need to train at least 3-4 times a week so paying for a gym in every city you visit can become very expensive.  If you have never tried calisthenics before, this will be a great opportunity for you to learn from the regulars from each city that you visit. Calisthenics athletes are always very open to point you on the right direction and show you the basics to get you going. If you feel a little shy about your level of calisthenics, you can go in the morning when there’s less people. There’s no excuse for not trying to train calisthenics while traveling.

Chances are that once you are done traveling, you will most likely cut down on gym memberships and slowly start training just with your own body weight.

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