This is perhaps the best way to learn, get in shape and to stay motivated to become the fittest version of yourself. This service is only offer in Montreal, Canada. We meet 3 times a week to do a full body workout using only calisthenics (body weight training).


We will teach you how to improve your physical strength and how to define your body. You will learn to master skills such as front levers, back levers, pull ups, muscles ups and much more. Group training is open for all levels and all ages.

We train in many different Calisthenics parks in Montreal. We change locations every 2 weeks. We have all the equipment and knowledge that you will need. All you need to bring is a towel, a water bottle and your perseverance to reach the fittest version of yourself.

If you are not sure if Calisthenics is for you, come try a Free trial.

Price : 25$ per month

For more information contact at us:

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By joining our group training you will begin your road to the calisthenic Empire’s elites. The elites are people who are passionate about calisthenics and have learned how to master their minds and bodies to achieve maximum results.

Join our movement today!