This is one of the best services that we offer to our clients. In this package, you will receive 4 months of coaching with 5 Skype or in person meetings of 45 minutes each. In these meetings, we go in details on how to reach your full potential ; body, mind and soul. We will give you all the tools and help you need started on your journey to find your better self. With this package you not only learn how to create your perfect physique and develop maximum strength but also how to thrive in life. This package also comes with a personalized training plan and a meal plan.

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If you are also looking to learn how to attract abundance into your life, create your own business and become self employed, this package is the one for you. We will become your mentors and teach you everything we know about marketing, start up companies, E- commerce, SEO, networking, branding and much more.

There are many obstacles when it comes to opening your own business. Many people give up because there is a lot of research involved. One has to learn the rules, study the risks and explore the online world. This can take many years to accomplish. Luckily for you, we have many years of experience with the creation of many successful online companies. With our packages, we will teach you the basics of the online world from A to Z. We will guide you on how you can start your online company.

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When you invest in our packages, you can expect our full commitment and the best service we can produce during our time together. We are passionate about our work and we will provide you our entire dedication to make you business become alive. We will share with you our experience as professionals and entrepreneurs.

At the end of the 4 month coaching, you will be awarded with a  replica of a Spartan Helmet. This warrior’s helmet will be your trophy for your hard work and your welcoming gift of being part of the Elite warriors of the Calisthenics Empire.

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Remember, you didn’t come to this world just to pay bills and died. You came to this world to reach your full potential and make all your dreams a reality. The most important aspects to succeed in life are perseverance and discipline.

Price: 700$ for 4 months via Paypal only

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