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  • calisthenics workshop Montreal street workout Free Calisthenics Workshop Montreal, Canada

    Are you interested in learning how to train Calisthenics? Come join the Calisthenics Empire's FREE workshop in Montreal, Canada. In this FREE workshop, you will have the unique opportunity to learn the main core exercises of Calisthenics. We will take you through a circuit in which you'll learn how to build muscle, get lean and [...] Continue Reading
  • best calisthenics rubber bands Best Website To Buy Fitness Gear

    Calisthenics is a sport that requires very little equipment. Nevertheless, investing in some fitness equipment will accelerate your progress to master the art of Calisthenics. Certain exercises can take you a few weeks, even months to learn. But when you have the right fitness gear, it can take you a few days. We offer FREE […]

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  • Free workout plan Calisthenics Street workout Get Your Free Workout Plan

    For a limited time only, we are offering our ultimate street workout plan for beginners, intermediate and advanced for FREE! We are currently looking for candidates to start their 6 weeks body transformation and see the incredible results of training Calisthenics. If you would like to get this FREE workout routine, simply subscribe to our […]

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  • Best Beginner Calisthenics Exercises Best Beginner Calisthenics Exercises

    If you are new to Calisthenics and you are looking for the best beginner Calisthenics exercises, we have made this fitness guide specially for you. We’ll begin by answering the most frequently asked questions about Calisthenics. Then we will give you a beginner calisthenics workout routine with the basic Calisthenics exercises to build strength, muscles and […]

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  • CALISTHENICS CLOTHING fitness clothing calisthenics empire fashion Calisthenics Clothing Men & Women

    Calisthenics Empire Fitness Clothing  For Men & Women Join the Calisthenics Empire fitness fashion. Dress your best to look and feel your best when you are training and exercising with our Calisthenics clothing. Our fitness clothing is known for its superior quality and comfort. We have a great variety of sports clothing; sweat pants, T-shirts, tank […]

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  • calisthenics workout calisthenics empire Calisthenics Workouts

    Can you get in shape using Calisthenics? this is a question that is frequently asked when we hear about street workouts. People are always skeptical about the results one can achieve by using this fitness technique. Some other questions that we receive are: can I get ripped by exercising with street workouts? is it possible […]

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  • push ups How To Stay Fit While Traveling

    If you are planning a backpacking trip around Europe, a road trip to the grand canyon, visiting the famous city of Medellin in Colombia or going to Thailand, you might be wondering; how can I stay in shape or have time to workout while visiting so many places? how much would it cost to go […]

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  • Training and development fitness motivation How to train Calisthenics

    Calisthenics: A Forgotten Training Technique Calisthenics has been around before weight training or gyms existed. Civilizations used this ancient training technique 2000 years ago to build strong and powerful soldiers to protect their empires. In the last 50 years, Calisthenics has become almost extinct due to the false believe that gym machines can replace the […]

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