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  • CALISTHENICS HOPLITE SOLDIERS calisthenics warriors History: Calisthenics Hoplite Soldiers

    Greek Hoplites Soldiers And Calisthenics What are Calisthenics Hoplite soldiers ? Hoplites were citizen-soldiers of Ancient Greece who were primarily armed with spears and shields. These warriors were mostly free citizens, farmers and artisans who were able to afford their own bronze armor suit and weapons.¬†Their main tactic was the phalanx formation and their main […]

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  • calisthenics history History Calisthenics

    The word Calisthenics comes from ancient Greek kallos which means “beauty,” and sthenos, which refers to “strength”. The ancient Greek and Roman athletes trained using calisthenics to build strength, flexibility and stamina. You can see the efficiency of calisthenics in the sculptures of human bodies that they built.

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  • urban fitness A photo by Boris Smokrovic. Urban Fitness Calisthenics

    During the nineteenth century, urban fitness also known as Calisthenics was still alive and well known. In fact, if the classical days of ancient Greece were the first Golden Age of physical culture, there can be no doubt that the late nineteenth century represented the second great Golden Age.

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  • Calisthenics Empire Photos

    If you enjoy our aesthetic website, its content and pictures don’t forget to check out: This website is full of amazing pictures and history about Calisthenics warriors during the Greek era. The site is in french but It’s very easy to navigate and you can spend a few hours looking at authentic soldier’s helmets, […]

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