Can you get in shape using Calisthenics? this is a question that is frequently asked when we hear about street workouts. People are always skeptical about the results one can achieve by using this fitness technique. Some other questions that we receive are: can I get ripped by exercising with street workouts? is it possible to gain muscle mass and strength by training Calisthenics?

This training technique was discovered over 2000 years ago by the Spartan soldiers who needed to be at their best physical level to survive and thrive in the battlefield.

At first, I was very skeptical about quitting the gym (which I had been doing for almost 6 years) to focus mainly on Calisthenics exercises. The first time I heard about body weight training, I couldn’t believe that I could get a ripped and strong body by exercising with street workouts. It sounded too good to be true. I was afraid of quitting the gym to join Calisthenics and then finding out that I had wasted my time.

All that changed when I traveled to Barcelona, Spain for 6 months. This amazing city is known as the Mecca of Calisthenics. People travel to Brazil to learn jujitsu, others travel to Thailand to learn Thai boxing and others to Japan to learn Judo. Little did I know that this trip to Spain was going to change my life. I was about to discover one of my greatest passions; Calisthenics.

In Barcelona, my only focus was just to have a nice vacation and enjoy the sun. One day, I decided to explore a popular outdoor gym by the beach. When I arrived, I was amazed to see that the people training at the outdoor gym were extremely ripped. They were working out with a style that I had never seen before. They were training using their own body weight and performing incredibly hard exercises with very little effort. It was quite impressive to see all the different types of exercises they could do.

I said to myself that it wouldn’t be too hard for me to do all those exercises. I had been lifting weights for many years and I was 180 pounds. I decided to give it a try and show these “amateurs” what real training was about. To my surprise, I couldn’t even do 10% of their exercises. The few exercises that I could do; I had to put a lot of effort, I would feel winded and very tired after each set. That’s when I started asking myself questions… How can this be possible? I train 4-5 times per week at the gym and I lift very heavy weights but yet… I can’t lift my own body weight in a natural movement.

That day in Barcelona, completely changed my perspective about street workouts. I became fascinated about this type of training. I decided to change my old gym routine and replace it with calisthenics exercises. A new dream was born; I wanted to master Calisthenics. I stayed in Barcelona for 6 months where I learned the core exercises of Calisthenics.

So back to the initial question; does Calisthenics really works? Can street workouts improve your overall stamina, strength and muscle definition?

Yes,  Calisthenics does work and yes you can become the fittest and strongest version of yourself by doing Calisthenics. You can achieve physical strength that you’ve never thought possible before and you can see results way faster than regular weight workouts at the gym.

Most Calisthenics exercises create muscle confusion which forces your body to adapt quickly and become stronger. These exercises are natural and explosive movements which helps you to gain muscle mass muscles to grow faster. Another great advantage of Calisthenics is that you train many different muscles in one exercise. This is the reason why this training style is perfect to build muscle and burn fat faster.

After learning more about this ancient technique, I was determined to experiment it on my body and see for myself if it was true or not that I could get a lean and ripped body in a short amount of time. Six months later, What was my final conclusion about Calisthenics?

I realized that street workouts are one of the best ways to begin your journey to a healthy and fit life. I was extremely impressed with the results of training Calisthenics. If you are still skeptical, I highly recommend to give it a try and see the results for yourself.

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    Great article full of information! Thank you so much for sharing your passion about Calisthenics. I can’t wait for the next article.


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