Calisthenics Versus Gym

Body weight training, also known as Calisthenics, has always been in conflict with weightlifting (Gym workouts). Calisthenics has been around for thousands of years but in the last 50 years, its popularity has been shadowed by weight training. Luckily, In Recent years, more people are beginning to rediscover this forgotten training technique. People often take sides and create the Calisthenics versus gym debate. which type of workout is better for you? weight training or body weight training.

Calisthenics Versus Gym

In our modern society, a “healthy body” is often defined by pumped up, over developed muscles, and at times steroids. This wasn’t always like that, there was a time when our ancestors used to train to become the fittest version of themselves in order to survive and protect their families using nothing but their own body weight. There were no weights, no drugs, and no machines, there was nothing at all, there was only Calisthenics.

The average person who trains at a Gym makes very little progress every year (without steroids) and spends countless hours repeating boring exercises. You might see some results at first but once your muscles adapt and get used to your routine, you will hit a plateau. To become truly powerful, you don’t need all those machines and boring Gym routines. All you need is the perseverance and courage to try other fitness techniques such as Calisthenics.

Some people say you get better results with weightlifting and others say Calisthenics. So which one should you choose? are bodyweight exercises better than the gym workouts? The answer is fairly simple, you need both.

Calisthenics will get your body lean, ripped and defined. It works out many different muscles in just one exercise. If you want to focus on a specific muscle of your body that needs improvements, you can add weight training to your calisthenics routine. You can exercise your full upper body just by doing street workouts. Calisthenics is an amazing workout system that can help you achieve the strongest and fittest version of yourself. You can reach your ideal physique faster than working out only with your regular gym routine.

Calisthenics is an amazing workout system that can help you achieve the strongest and fittest version of yourself. You can reach your ideal physique faster than working out only with your regular gym routine.

Nevertheless, Calisthenics does have one flaw. It lacks leg exercises… Calisthenics has certain legs exercises that you can add to your routine such as pistol squats but to achieve maximal strength in your legs, you need a lot of heavy weight. Think about it, your legs are the biggest muscle of your body and it usually carries your around all day long. So you need at least double your bodyweight to be able to fully train your legs.

What Would Be The Best Workout?

The best workout would be to combine both; the Gym and Calisthenics. Make Calisthenics your primary workout and use Gym exercises as a supplement to focus on the muscles that lack strength or that you wish to develop faster.

The main muscles that you train in calisthenics are; back, biceps, triceps, lower back, and abs. Therefore, you don’t need to workout those muscles at the gym. Calisthenics also exercises other muscles; chest, shoulders, and traps but we recommend weight training exercises for those muscles as well.

The optimal workout would be to combined both training techniques. It’s time to evolve; instead of creating divisions, we can join these two workout systems to achieve maximum strength results.

How To Train Calisthenics

In conclusion, who wins the notorious battle Calisthenics versus Gym? you should train Calisthenics knowing that the following muscles will get what they need: back, biceps, triceps, shoulders, lower back, and abs. Then go to the gym to train the following muscles: chest, neck, traps, calves and legs.

Remember, what works for someone might not work for others. If you are fine with only street workouts or gym exercises, that is also perfectly fine. If you take Calisthenics seriously as your main training routine, you will see incredible results in less than 4 months. Your body will become more flexible and you will be in great shape.

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