Welcome To Calisthenics Empire

Join The Rise Of The Calisthenics Empire

The Calisthenics Empire is a fitness movement based in Montreal, Canada. Our vision is to motivate and encourage individuals from all around the world to live a healthy lifestyle and to workout using body weight training techniques known also as street workouts.

In our community, you can find information to help you build muscle, lose fat and get stronger without the use of gym machines.  We provide the best information and products to help you reach your highest potential.

Our goal is to make Calisthenics training accessible to everyone. We want to prepare the members of our community to become the strongest version of themselves using our workout routines. Simply subscribe to our newsletters to receive your free meal plan and begin your calisthenics training.

If you would like to support our movement, you can purchase our fitness clothing to promote awareness of this fast growing community. Join the Calisthenics Empire. Be part of something great.


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